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Artist Signature Edition, personal demo guitar
Vintage White (Creme)
AAA Flame maple neck with AAA flamed UDC scalloped fingerboard, #6000 Dunlops
.780 neck depth
Gold plated parts
Custom wound Byrd spec DiMarzios
Kluson vintage split shafts
Telecaster string spacing
Hardshell V shaped case
Condition: Mint

1999 Personal Prototype "Goldie" (Serial #009):

Spec #2 series 1, 1999MY, one of 14 hand carved, pre-production, patent applied for prototypes.
This is the 9th prototype Super Avianti guitar I made prior to going into production in 2005 with the final specifications.
This guitar was hand shaped, finished, assembled and set up by me, and was played on every track of “Flying Beyond The 9”,
and is also the cover guitar. It's the only guitar on the album.

The wood for this neck, came from Lynn Ellsworth's (Boogie Bodies CEO) original stock of burled maple he acquired in 1973,
and was already very aged stock from the 1950's. Boogie Bodies, was the very first company ever to make replacement bodies and necks for Fender guitars.
Eddie Van Halen's black and yellow first album Strat was made by Lynn from this same stock.

Although this guitar appears almost identical to current instruments I make, there are no interchangeable parts.
The highly figured burled canadian maple neck is UDC scalloped, and wider at the nut than my current guitars.
It has a very shallow U-shape, and a straight 9” radius. In accordance with the wider neck, the head-stock is scaled slightly larger.
It has #6105 tall frets, and features “dot in dot” black and white bullseye position markers, which were hand laminated by Lynn Ellsworth.
The nut is graphite. This neck uses 1970's F-type construction, with a slab board, and vintage style truss rod.
The neck joint is an extended ergonomic heel with 5 stainless steel bolts.

The pickguard is the first of the Acrylite guards, and is solid egg-shell white. All screws are hand polished solid brass clock maker's screws.

The body of this instrument, is heavy ash, and this guitar is quite heavy compared to current models, which are lighter swamp ash.
It's a great stage instrument for high volume playing.

The gold finish has a unique story. My keyboardist restored Steinway pianos professionally,
and at a private sale, he happened upon a can of “Steinway Bronzing Powder” that was from the late 1800's.
It was used to finish the main-frames on Steinway pianos, and what it is, is very finely powdered bronze.
I noticed it sitting on his shelf, and he gave me some. I used about 6 ounces with acrylic clear to make the finish for this guitar.
Because it's metal and not yellow dye, the deep gold colour won't fade.

This guitar has a custom wound pickups made for me by Dimarzio, and a YJM in the neck position.
The third pot, is a push-push switch to engage the 6th and 7th pickup selection options.
It features a 6 point vintage type tremolo, with graphite saddles, and Telecaster/Gibson string spacing.
The tremolo arm has been customized with a clear acrylic tip.

New Super Avianti:

In stock ready to be optioned and assembled:
Feather light body, Outrageous Red Sparkle metalflake finish with AAA flamed roasted maple neck and fingerboard, gold plated parts.
Your choice of ivory or gold mirrored pickguard, standard or scalloped fingerboard, this guitar can be finished and delivered within just 3-5 weeks.
Normal wait time for a new order is 10-18 months.

Now accepting orders.

Please inquire to for more information about your custom instrument.


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